Questions remain after Missing Michigan Family is Found by Cops


Although a Michigan family that had been missing for six days was found safe, there are still questions about their disappearance. Anthony Cirigliano called 911 late at night from Fremont to report the drama. 

“I need some police protection immediately,”He told the operator.

“OK. For what?”Operator responded.

“It is of vital national interest. It is related to September 11th, and people want to erase me from the face of the Earth,” Cirigliano said.

“I am not crazy. I’m a Christian. I just need some help and then the U.S. government will take it from here. I know this sounds crazy,”He continued.

Cirigliano and his wife Suzette left behind their sons and two children the day after. Police claim that they found an elderly relative in need of full-time care at the house.

The mystery gained national attention. Their disappearance left no clues, except for surveillance video that showed the family at a station shortly after they vanished.

Cops found the family in a hotel 300 miles away from home.

Fremont Police Chief Tim Rodwell answered questions about why they had left. “It looked to be intentional, and it looked to be without malice.”

Police and neighbors both believe the family disappeared. “uncharacteristic,”They are known for spending most of their time at the home.

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