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R&B singer and radio host Al B. Sure! He is currently in recovery after spending two months in an induced coma. Representatives for Albert Joseph Brown III, the radio host, confirmed that he is now recovering. Entertainment Tonight That “Al B Sure was in a coma for the past two months, and he is now making strides towards recovery,”He is also adding “making strides towards recovery.”

Al B. was the first to notice that the personality was suffering from health problems. Sure! Instagram was taken to in JuneHe shared a photo taken from his hospital bed. He revealed The following monthThat he was “getting these last set of labs done for the next two upcoming procedures, before writing in a final Aug. 9 update, “As I continue my medical journey, I would like to first thank you all for your prayers, positive thoughts, and best wishes. Everyday is a new experience, waking up to monitors, wires, machines keeping you stable.

But, the fact that Albert Brown IV was in a coma wasn’t made public until Sunday, when Brown’s son shared an Instagram tribute to his father. Brown thanked followers for sending him birthday wishes.” acknowledging that he has “been out of it and in mine.” He went on to reveal that his father has “HAD BEEN IN A CURRENT FOR 2 MONTHS and he is now out! I feel much better now and can get back to my s-! It’s time to get the f- up up pop!! We got S- to do!!!! There are many countries to visit!”

“Today is mine, but today is for my dad! I just want him to go to the f-in hospital! We need u big homie,” he continued. “Love all of you! I appreciate and love all of you! Each and every one I touched and shared energy around the globe on my krazy trip! This for you! To my family, I love y’all so much! Thank you for always motivating me and making my feel loved! You are my mom, the best mom! You are a proud momma!”

At this time, further details regarding the radio host’s condition have not been disclosed. On Monday, Al B. Sure!’s Twitter account shared a photo of the radio personality walking in the hospital, writing, “A very humble thanks for your prayers. [107.5 WBLS] family. I’m awake, alert, and on the mend. Submissively grateful.” He promised that he will “We will be sharing more of my personal health experience in an effort to encourage everyone to stay healthy. [health and wellness].”

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