Raiders’ Henry Ruggs, Raiders’ Henry Ruggs, Allegedly Drove at 156 MPH, Had twice the legal limit before Fatal Crash: Prosecutors


A woman is dead and an NFL star’s career is in tatters after a fiery crash that happened after a night of fun at a Las Vegas golf range, where alcoholic drinks were apparently flowing.

Newly released video shows Raiders wide-receiver Henry Ruggs III just hours before he allegedly crashed into a car going 156 miles per hour. The ensuing fireball resulted in the deaths of a young lady and her dog.

Ruggs, 22 years old, was captured by his girlfriend on cellphone video at Top Golf. Top Golf has a high-tech driving range, where liquor can be ordered as you play. The police claim that Ruggs was drinking Mai Tais when the camera was shown to a friend. 

Derek Carr, Raiders’ quarterback, said Ruggs sent him a video and a text when he was at Range.  

Ruggs drove his Corvette to the driving range. At 3:40 a.m., he slammed into the rear of the victim’s Toyota, authorities said. Tina Tintor (23), was heard screaming for help but was consumed in flames by Maxi, her beloved dog.

Ruggs was wearing a neck brace to court. Prosecutors proved that Ruggs had twice the legal blood alcohol limit. 

“I cannot recall a speed that high in my career on the bench,”The judge agreed.

The victim’s family was in court for the arraignment.