Raising Cane CEO Purchases 50,000 Megamillions Lottery Tickets For Workers As Jackpot Reaches $830M


Mega Millions tonight’s draw to win an amazing $830 million is the third biggest lottery jackpot in history. The founder of a chicken restaurant chain truly wants to win this incredible prize!

AJ Kumaran, co-CEO of Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers, says he bought 50,000 tickets to split the jackpot with the company’s 50,000 workers.

At two bucks a pop, that’s a $100,000 roll of the dice.

Kumaran claims that every employee will be given a ticket. If anyone wins, all of them get equal shares.

Video shows the 50,000 tickets being printed at a store in Dallas — a process that took about eight hours.

According to Harvard statistician Mark Glickman and lottery expert Dr. Mark Glickman the restaurant workers have a 1 to 6052 chance to win, while 1 in 353 million for us.

Each employee would receive $16,200.

Since April, no one has matched all six numbers. It’s been 28 consecutive drawings since then without a winner.

The drawing will be held tonight at 11 p.m. Eastern Time.

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