Raisins in Mac and Cheese This recipe has the Internet buzzing


If you thought people were very passionate in the chocolate chip vs. raisin cookie debate, wait until you hear about this eyebrow-raising macaroni and cheese dish involving the divisive dried fruit, which has the Internet all riled up.

Just like the salmon sushi bowl that went viral on TikTok last month, a new cooking tutorial has captured our attention online. While we all know savory-and-sweet is a powerful flavor combination that pleases even the most pickiest of eaters (peanut butter and jelly FTW), a new recipe shared by one particular TikTok user involving milk, cheese, pasta and—yes, you’re reading this correctly—raisins is drawing out all sorts of reactions.

According to Graca Walters, whose TikTok account @texykitchen1More than 1.7 Million followers. “the best.”She wrote the caption to a video she posted Monday, November 1. “My husband said he’s never had a better mac and cheese than when he was in Georgia. So I had to prove to him that nobody can compete with me.”

What is this controversial version of the classic dish? The video shows that it starts with a chunk cheddar, some dried elbow macaroni and milk in a baking dish. After the first round of baking, the mixture is topped with raisins and breadcrumbs.