Rami Malek Allegedly Threatened With Breakup By Girlfriend Lucy Boynton If He Doesn’t Propose, Sketchy Rumor Says


Did Lucy BoyntonGive Rami MalekAn ultimatum? One tabloid reports that the long-term couple is at a crucial point in their relationship. Let’s check in on the Bohemian Rhapsody co-stars.

Rami Malek ‘Under Pressure’To Propose

This week Star reports Lucy Boynton is threatening to leave Rami Malek if he doesn’t get serious about their relationship quick. On the set of, they first got to know each other. Bohemian Rhapsody In 2018, Malek is said to have been slow about proposing the question. “It’s really upsetting Lucy,”An insider’s guide to cooking. “A lot of people she knows are getting married, having babies and that sort of thing, while she feels like she and Rami are no closer to getting engaged than they were a year ago.”

The tipster adds that as Boynton gets closer to 30 years old, she’s becoming increasingly impatient for that ring. “Lucy’s tried being the cool girlfriend, but she isn’t going to wait around for much longer,”The snitch whispers. “She gave Rami an ultimatum—either propose or their relationship is over.”

Lucy Boynton Presents Rami Malk An ‘Ultimatum’?

While we can’t pretend to have a window directly into Boynton and Malek’s relationship, there are a few reasons that we’re doubting this story. First of all, given what we know about Boynton and Malek’s relationship, we seriously doubt Malek is dragging his feet about marriage. The actor professed his love for Boynton in his 2019 Oscars acceptance speech, so he clearly isn’t afraid of commitment. If they haven’t gotten married yet, that’s probably because neither of them feels much pressure to do so.

The outlet also relies on an outdated, sexist narrative to sell this story. The tabloid even suggests that Boynton needs to get married quickly because she’s approaching 30. While that may have been how things were once, it is not the case anymore. Women don’t need to rush to find a husband, and this notion is just offensive.

Finally, it’s clear that Lucy Boynton and Rami Malek’s relationship isn’t in immediate danger. A few months back, Boynton was open to a little bitAbout why she keeps her private relationship with Malek. The couple were also recently married. spotted getting dinner in New York City. While it’s totally possible that Boynton and Malek will get engaged or even call it quits in the future—seemingly confirming the tabloid’s tale—those are just the two avenues that relationships generally take.

More Ultimatums from the Tabloids

Celebrity gossip magazines love an ultimatum story. And while we get the dramatic appeal, there’s just no way they are as common as tabloids pretend. Last year, for example, the National Enquirer reported Derek Hough’s girlfriend was pressuring him to propose. Then Life & Style claimed Amelia Hamlin told Scott Disick to propose or they’d be over. Next, Star Joe Alwyn was told by Taylor Swift, allegedly to propose to him before it was too late. Plus, OK! Kathie Lee Gifford claimed she was pushing her boyfriend to make a proposal as soon as possible. Evidently, many magazines will publish this story even if they have no supporting evidence.

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