Ranvir Singh once advised her to quit the GMB job after she was concerned about her health.


Ranvir Singh, who was formerly a Good Morning Britain correspondent, has switched to Save Money: My Beautiful Green Home. “genuine worry”Over her insufficient sleep

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GMB: Ranvir Singh talks about the benefits of working remotely

Ranvir Singh was once recommended to “give up”Her job on Good Morning Britain was due to a “genuine worry” for her health.

Preston’s beloved presenter has spoken out about her health issues and how doctors advised her to stop working for her health.

Although she is well-known for her morning TV broadcasting, early starts have caused serious health problems.

Ranvir, 44, joined Good Morning Britain as a reporter in 2014. It is a demanding job that requires Ranvir to rise before dawn.

Loose Women interviewed the mother-of-one, who described herself as “a mom-of-one”. “sleep deprived”She discussed her sleep issues.

The following is an extract from the ExpressShe stated: “I did a sleep documentary and they were saying that one of the problems with shift workers is, and essentially getting up at 3am is shift work, is that it sends your circadian rhythm into a shock.

“The temperature of your organs is dropping and that is why shift workers are often told by pop-science that they have lost years.

Ranvir continued to explain that even when Ranvir is not on an early Good Morning Britain Shift, she still wakes up around three in morning.

This isn’t the first time that the Lancashire star has opened up about her struggles to get good sleep.

The presenter, Lord Jeffery Archer of Good Morning Britain, admitted last month that she was pregnant. “doesn’t sleep”During a segment on ITV.

“I really admire, particularly the lady on the end [Ranvir] there who seems to get up she tells me at three o’clock in the morning,”He shared his thoughts with her co-hosts Susanna and Richard Reid.

Susanna replied: “That will be Ranvir.

“The lady at the ending.”

He continued: “Ranvir, I am sorry. I apologise.

“She told me she gets up at three in the morning. I said ‘what time do you wake’ and she said ‘I just don’t sleep.'”

Ranvir has previously sought the help of a top Oxford University sleep expert to resolve her problems.

The expert suggested that the popular broadcaster quit her distinguished career.

“I asked a sleep expert from Oxford ‘what can you do to help me?’, thinking he’d have some advice and he said, ‘You need to give up your job!”She explained.

This star has become a success because of his blunt advice. “genuinely worried”About her inability get a good night of sleep.

She also added: “Because apparently when you sleep well and regularly it washes out the proteins from your brain, and there are studies that say a build-up of proteins is linked to Alzheimer’s.

“It is something I worry about now, and it is a healthy concern.”

Luckily for the presenter, her latest venture doesn’t involve too early of a start.

Ranvir will soon be showing people how they can achieve their dream green homes in her brand new ITV series, Save Money: My Beautiful Green Home.

The new show sees the star team up with an eco-designer and a money-saving expert in order to help homeowners making more stylish and greener decisions to fit in with their lifestyle.