Rapper Accused of Shooting Police Officer


Officials have confirmed that charges have been dropped against a Bronx teen rapper for allegedly shooting an NYPD officer in Bronx earlier this ye. New York PostAccording to the city Law Department the assault and gun case against Camrin Wils, a gangbanger and rapper, was filed against him. “cannot be prosecuted.”

Williams was currently on probation in a previous gun case. He allegedly shot Kaseem Pennant, a 27-year-old officer in January. Williams posted a bond of $250,000 that Justice Denis Boyle, Bronx Supreme Court, set in February. The advance was from Interscope Records and Williams had signed a recording contract.

Williams was back in juvenile jail for violating his probation just one week after his bail was posted. Williams’ luck improved in May, when his latest case was dismissed. “The Law Department has determined that this case cannot be prosecuted,”Nicholas Paolucci is a spokesperson for the agency. “But let’s be clear: Just because the city cannot prosecute doesn’t mean this individual should have been carrying an illegal weapon — a weapon which contributed to both him and an officer being shot.”According to a statement by the Law Department “Pursuant to Family Court Law, the case is now sealed, and we are unable to say more about the matter.”

“Mayor Adams and the NYPD demonized my client in the press and accused him of shooting a police officer,”Dawn Florio, Williams’ attorney, said so. “My client is thrilled that … the matter will be closed and sealed, that all charges have been dropped. It has always been our position that it was the police, not my client, who caused that gun to go off, shooting my client and grazing an officer.”

William was among the “Unruly crowd” Jan. 18, at Lorillard Place According to police reports the officers approached the rapper and demanded that he take out his pocket money. Williams refused to comply with the order and was taken to the ground by the police.

During the fight the gun went off hitting Williams in his groin and Officer Kaseem Pennant on the leg. The injuries were not life-threatening. Mayor Adams and Police Commissioner Sewell said that the incident was proof of the dangers faced by police in reducing gun violence within the city. 

Bronx Supreme Court Judge Naita Segmaj, however, reacted differently and stated that Williams was following all police orders. “He literally does everything you tell your child to do when they’re approached by cops. He literally kept his hands up. He literally tried to record to make sure there was proof. He answered questions he had no obligation to answer,”Semaj.

Taulant Gjonbalaj, the arresting officer, testified in court “incredible and unreliable,”She said. “I cannot state how absolutely incredible his testimony was. It was inconsistent with the video, it was inconsistent with his fellow officer’s testimony, it was self-serving, it had no value,”The judge agreed.

Patrick J. Lynch, president of NYPD Police Benevolent Association disagreed with this “absurd decision”Williams’ charges dropped”This absurd decision should outrage every New Yorker who wants to get illegal guns off our streets,”Lynch spoke. “There is no dispute that this individual was caught carrying an illegal gun for the second time. If perps like this face absolutely no consequences, even after shooting a cop, we have to ask: why bother sending us out to get the guns at all?”

Williams is a member of the Reywey Crew. This subset of Crips includes Williams. Williams was 14 years old at the time and was detained in Bronx in May 2020 for possessing a Tauris firearm.

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