Rapper Reveals His Girlfriend Is Pregnant With Twins


N-Dubz star Fazer is in for double the amount of cute! The 35-year-old rapper, real name Richard Rawson, is about to be a dad of three, Fazer recently sharing the exciting news that his girlfriend Ashley Havelin is pregnant with twins. The little ones on the way will be the couple’s second and third children, Fazer and Havelin having welcomed daughter Ava Rose back in 2013.

Fazer shared the exciting news with Silver Screen Beat back in September, telling the outlet, “it’s double trouble – We have been blessed.” The musician went on to share that learning they were expecting twins “totally blew us away,” and they have been “walking on air since we found out the news we are expecting twins.” Going from one child to three comes with plenty of adjustments, though, for both Fazer and his girlfriend, who revealed that her “tummy is already double the size – I didn’t show with Ava until I was well into my 5th month. I had no idea I was pregnant, it was a total surprise.”

“I feel like I’m on a fast train, I’ve missed all the stops and gone from one child to three,” Frazer shared with the outlet in a later interview. “I’m still in shock. The night Ashley told me I went missing. I think I went and hid in the shed. I needed some Fazer time. I am worried about juggling two babies at once. We are going to have to work as a team.”

While the couple, who began dating in 2013, will certainly have their hands full, they are looking forward to the new additions to their family, which will take them from parents of a daughter to parents of two daughters and a son. In October, the couple held their gender reveal party, during which they released confetti cannons, one revealing pink confetti and the second blue. Havelin, who is currently five months pregnant, said she was “relieved when we popped the second balloon and it was a boy, as I was worried about Fazer being outnumbered by us all. We are quite demanding.”

“I would have been happy with twin girls, but deep down I wanted a boy. If there had been four females in the household and me I would have felt so ganged up on. I’d have gone grey early. So I’m really excited to be having one of each,” Fazer joked. “Although, my daughter is a bit of a tomboy at the moment, I’m looking forward to doing traditional boy activities with my son.  I’ll definitely take him to Manchester United  football games.”

The little ones on the way come amid a busy time for Fazer, the rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer and DJ who is known as a member of hip hop trio N-Dubz. The popular group is set to head off on a massive reunion arena tour later this month, though Fazer said he isn’t going to let his music career stop him from being a hands-on dad. He told Silver Screen Beat, “I’m all over changing nappies, I like to be a hands on dad. It gives you a bond with your child, I want to help as much as I can and be close to them.”

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