Rare book found in U.K. Library laced with deadly poison


The United Kingdom has found a book that has a poisonous ending in its search for toxic books all over the world. 

Rhian Isaac (senior librarian) discovered the copy. “My Own Garden: The Young Gardener’s Yearbook”After finding it in The Poison Book Project’s database, it was placed on the shelves of Leeds Central Library. Authorities.

“As a librarian, it’s always incredibly exciting to discover any sort of rare, or unusual book in our collection. But this project is also really important as it helps librarians across the world work together and understand how and when these books were made as well as what steps we can take to keep track of them and make sure they are safely stored and cared for,” said Isaac. 

Authorities have reported that the book is filled with deadly poison. It contains an emerald color dye that contains arsenic. The compound can be fatal if swallowed. 

The Poison Book Project examines toxic substances in Victorian-era bindings and cloth colorings. According toThe Winterthur Museum. 

Along with the inclusion of toxic materials, the rare book also held an inscription showing that the book was a gift to Caroline Gott, a descendant of a renowned Leeds industrialist, Benjamin Gott, according to authorities. 

The rare book joined the library’s collection when Beryl Gott left part of her large personal library to the Leeds Public Libraries, authorities reported. 

“The fact that this particular book also once belonged to the Gott family means its story is also a part of Leeds’s history and, with some careful handling and storage, it can continue to be part of our collection for many years to come,” said Isaac. 

According to authorities the book is safe and sound. It has been sent for testing to determine how much arsenic it contains. 

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