Rare Pink Diamond Expected to Fetch $21 Million at Auction


An 11-carat pink, cushion-cut diamond called the Williamson Pink Star is not just another piece of jewelry; it’s practically a natural wonder.

It also is sure to stun bidders when it goes up for auction in October. 

“They are exceptionally rare in nature,” Sotheby’s Kristian Spofforth told Reuters. “If you look at diamonds, we all know as diamonds as being beautiful, wonderful, natural beauties, of diamonds, only five percent of them are colored diamonds. 

“Of colored diamonds, only three percent of those are pink,” Spofforth continued. “You then add in the extra factors like it being over 10 carats, internally flawless and Type IIA, and you get right down to the pinnacle, something that is truly, truly, phenomenally rare in nature.”

Sotheby’s says it was mined in Tanzania just like a similar diamond that sold for $71 million in 2017.

This diamond is about half the size of the 2017 gem, but it is still expected to fetch around $21 million when it hits the block in Hong Kong.  

“There is always going to be a demand for rarity. We see over the lockdown crisis and the COVID crisis that there is always demand for the rare and the beautiful in the world, and this is something exceptionally rare, I think we will have plenty of bidders on the day,” Spofforth said. 


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