‘Real-life Dr Dolittle’ charging £280 for pet therapy sessions is booked out for months


A ‘real-life Dr Dolittle’ who quit a £60,000 a year job and trained herself to speak with animals is now earning even more as a pet psychic.

Nikki Vasconez (33), from Philadelphia, US, Used to be Full-time property lawyer, before she gave it up to pursue her dream job as an animal psychic.

Only one year after she first started reading how to communicate with creatures back in September 2020, she began advertising her services on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok — quickly finding herself booked up for months at a time.

Nikki said: “I was so miserable in my previous job, I was working huge hours and was just unhappy but was too scared to change. Until this came along.

“I started by practicing on pets of family and friends, as well as some animals from strangers, but once I had created social media accounts, it was easy to build a following and get requests flooding in.

Nikki Vasconez, 33, look at a photo of the animal before asking them questions telepathically
Nikki Vasconez inspects a photo of the animal, before asking them questions via telepathic communication.

“I couldn’t believe it – I had to set up a waitlist which had a total of 4,000 people on it requesting me to speak with their animals.”

Nikki’s method involves her looking at a photograph of an animal and asking them telepathically a series questions. After that, she then reads the answers on the phone so owners can hear all of their conversation.

The pet psychic will be notified in advance of any changes to the pet’s name and gender.

However, she claims she is unable to find out more about the messages because her “human brain” doesn’t allow it.

She doesn’t claim that she is. “hear their accents”Or “tone of voice”She can sense their personalities and is able to recognize them.

She also speaks to pets from beyond the grave
She can also speak to pets beyond the grave

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She speaks also with animals that have died and claims to have spoken to a cat that was able see again after being blinded in the past.

Nikki also got in touch again with Cruse, a horse who claimed he didn’t like his owner.

She remembered: “Cruse told me not to worry though, because the boyfriend doesn’t like him either! I told the owner this and she laughed saying that was all true.”

She has been able to attract a lot of interest from potential customers and people looking to learn more about TikTok, but she also receives criticism from people who believe she is a fraud.

Nikki encourages others now to follow their passions as she “couldn’t be happier now doing what I love most.”

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