Real Reason “What Not to Wear” Was Cancelled


TLC has released many popular reality shows throughout the years. What to Avoid WearingOver the 12 seasons, he remained a fan favorite. The show ended it’s long run in 2013, leaving fans wondering what happened to Stacy LondonAnd Clinton KellyThe show was cancelled because of tension between the two, according to reports. 

Why was it? ‘What Not To Wear’ Canceled?

TLC has been a staple of TLC for over ten years What to Avoid WearingIt was made for unsuspecting fashion-challenged individuals while distilling information on how to easily and cheaply improve your style. The fashion gurus Clinton Kelly, Stacy London and Stacy London helmed the show. They seemed like good friends in front of the cameras. Their friendship and camaraderie was so evident, in fact, that fans were surprised to learn that the two’s relationship was a lot more complicated than they let on. 

Clinton Kelly, Stacy London To Blame For Rumored Fight

In his book I Hate Everyone, Except YouKelly wrote. via Inquisitr, “I either adored her or despised her, and never anything in between.”He continued, “We spent nearly sixty hours a week in captivity, rarely more than an arm’s length away from each other. There’s a part of me that will love Stacy London forever, and a part of me that would be just fine if I never saw her again for the rest of my life.” 

2017 Interview with The Austin American-Statesman, Kelly explained that he and London hadn’t spoken for years, adding, “It was funny in the beginning when we completed each other’s sentences. It got to be like, ‘OK, we need a break from each other.’”The social media platforms noticed in November that Kelly had been unfollowed on Twitter by London, and had also taken the significant step of blocking him. 

She seemed to regret her actions a year later, as evident by this January 2018 Instagram post. She wrote in part about blocking online people. “It occurred to me that taking action like blocking people in order to feel some sense of control over other’s actions is a waste of my time,” adding, “I can’t stop people from the way they behave.” 

Both seemed to be able to move on from any past animosities and even their once-close friendship. Whatever the current status of their relationship, we can rest assured that it wasn’t the reason What to Avoid Wearing ended. 

Amy Winter, TLC’s executive director, spoke with The Hollywood Reporter2013It was just a matter time. “After 10 incredible seasons, we felt that it was the right time to end the series,”She explained the matter in a statement to the outlet. “Stacy and Clinton have also become two of the most sought after fashion experts and TV personalities in the industry. We’re so proud to have had the two of them along with [makeup artist] Carmindy and [hair stylist] Ted [Gibson] as the glam squad behind this fan-favorite show, and the final episodes will definitely be a celebration of this monumental run.” Now we’ve got an answer to our burning question!

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