Reba McEntire Is Turning her Back on Kelly Clarkson During Divorce


Is it? Reba McEntireThrowing Kelly ClarksonWhat about the dogs? One tabloid claims McEntire doesn’t want to get involved in Clarkson’s divorce from Brandon Blackstock. Let’s check in on McEntire and Clarkson’s friendship.

Reba McEntire ‘Refusing To Take Sides’?

The most recent edition of Life & Style reports Reba McEntire doesn’t want to get in the middle of her former stepson Brandon Blackstock’s divorce from her longtime friend Kelly Clarkson. McEntire and Clarkson shared a close friendship once upon a time. “I’m a Survivor” songstress isn’t throwing her full support behind Clarkson. When an interview asked McEntire about Clarkson’s divorce, she was sure to play it safe. “You know, I love them both,”McEntire. “I hope they’re happy and healthy and pull through this.”

But Clarkson isn’t happy about McEntire’s Swiss approach. “Kelly’s upset that Reba isn’t more supportive considering everything Brandon has put her through,”An insider is trustworthy “She says Reba is being diplomatic when the bottom line is, Brandon is being a huge jerk. It’s as though Reba’s turned her back on Kelly, and it really hurts.”

Whlie Clarkson understands that McEntire’s in a tough spot, she feels like her friend has disappeared when she needed her most. “She just isn’t feeling the love she’d come to expect from Reba,”The tipster dishes “She’s hoping things go back to the way they were once her divorce is finalized in January, but right now, Kelly and Reba are on very shaky ground.”

Kelly Clarkson ‘Looking For More Support’Reba McEntire

We seriously doubt Clarkson is hurt or even surprised by McEntire’s comments. McEntire explained that she loves both Clarkson and Blackstock like family so it’s impossible to pick favorites. “Kelly and I do talk, we text and I love them both, and so I can’t play favorites because I’ve been a friend of Kelly for a long time,”McEntire muses in ET interviewed her recently. “Brandon’s been my son forever it seems. Although he’s my stepson, I still love him like he’s my total — my blood, so I’m praying for ‘em both ’cause I love ‘em both.”

Clarkson and Blackstock’s divorce has nothing to do with McEntire, so we’re sure no one is pressuring her to pick sides. We doubt that Clarkson’s family is talking to tabloids about Clarkson. Obviously, the magazine just wanted to stir up drama for Clarkson and Blackstock’s family during a vulnerable time. Readers shouldn’t believe a word of this shameful story.

The Tabloid On Kelly Clarkson’s Divorce

Besides, we wouldn’t trust Life & Style Clarkson was not accurately reported. Clarkson was reported by the tabloid as regretting her divorce, claiming that her famous friends were against her. Then, the outlet alleged Clarkson and Blackstock’s divorce was getting “ugly”Clarkson could lose custody rights. Clarkson also risked losing custody rights. Evidently, Life & Style has been milking Clarkson’s divorce for every last drop of drama.