Reba McEntire Restarted Her Years-Long Fight With Dolly Parton?


Reba McEntire and Dolly Parton recorded their first duet last year and they hosted the Country Music Association Awards with Carrie Underwood in 2019, but a new tabloid report claims they’re on the outs. McEntire wants to end their friendship. But, this is a fabrication.

This week, earlier this week, National Enquirer Published a report that Parton was “not letting” McEntire get “back into the sitcom world,”Which is the cause “friction”They are interconnected. “There’s always been a friendly rivalry there, only now Reba’s pressing Dolly’s buttons big-time,”An insider claimed to have told the tabloid. “Reba’s always trying to one-up Dolly in everything she does.”

McEntire was claimed to be the source. “would love to get one over on” Parton. Parton discovers McEntire in the meantime. “a little intense at times.”The source continues to state, “Reba’s telling all their mutual friends she’s going to be bigger than Dolly. In the past, Dolly’s just said, ‘Ah, shucks’ and looked away. So, it’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out!”

Gossip Cop This report was debunked. There’s no evidence to support the idea that the two country music legends have a feud. They were together when they performed at the Kenny Rogers tribute show in 2020. “Does He Love You”In 2021. It was the first time McEntire had worked with Parton in a studio recording.

“Isn’t that amazing? Here we are, so far along in our careers [and] we haven’t gotten to sing together,” McEntire told Rolling Stone In October 2021. “I’ve sung for her, she’s sung for me, but we’ve never done a duet together. I was so thrilled that she said yes.”McEntire and Parton did not record their vocals together due to COVID safety restrictions. However, they did film a video together after getting vaccinated.

McEntire spoke lovingly in April about Parton’s help to make the record. “Does He Love You.”Apple Music’s live appearance Southern Accents RadioMcEntire was asked about the experience of calling Parton. “Well, you don’t call Dolly, you fax her,” McEntire said. “And you fax your people, and your people talk to her people… That’s the only way I know to get ahold of her,

Parton also made a cameo appearance on McEntire’s hit sitcom Reba in 2005. The National Enquirer‘s claim that McEntire wants to get back into sitcoms stems from her comments about a Reba revival in the past. That will not happen anytime soon though, since McEntire stars in the upcoming third season of ABC’s crime drama Big Sky.

“We have been working hard to bring back the original. Reba show,” McEntire shared his July message to Bobby Bones. “I want to work alongside the people I worked with for six and a quarter years.” McEntire recently reunited again with Melissa Peterman. Melissa was a star in Reba Barbara Jean Hart, Lifetime movie The Hammer

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