Reba McEntire’s Boyfriend Rex Linn Allegedly Upset Over Her Feelings For An Ex, Sketchy Insider Says


Has Reba McEntire‘s relationship with Rex Linn hit a rough patch? One tabloid claims the beloved country singer is still holding a candle for her ex-husband. Here’s the latest gossip about McEntire’s love life.

Reba McEntire ‘Stuck On’ Narvel Blackstock?

This week OK! reports Reba McEntire still hasn’t gotten over her ex-husband Narvel Blackstock. After 26 years of marriage, McEntire and Blackstock split in 2015. Their split came as shock to everyone, and it only became more scandalous when Blackstock started up a romance with a close friend of McEntire’s. According to sources, the country legend is still trying make sense of their split. “She still talks to him, and the old emotions grab hold of her and make her nostalgic for the past,”Insider recipes

Apparently, McEntire’s mixed feelings about Blackstock are starting to weigh on her current relationship with actor Rex Linn. “Even though Reba knows she’s lucky to be with such a great guy, she can’t totally shake Narvel from her mind,”The tipster also adds. “It’s messing with her head, and there are worries it could derail her relationship with Rex… Rex has his limits, and the situation with Narvel is getting to him. Reba needs to snap out of it!”

Reba McEntire Still Has a Love for Her Ex-Husband

We’re skeptical of this report for a few reasons. First of all, after being married for 26 years and having a child together, we wouldn’t be surprised if Reba McEntire had some complicated feelings about Narvel Blackstock. We don’t believe McEntire holds romantic feelings for her ex. From everything else we know about McEntire’s love life, she’s completely enamored with Linn now.

And we certainly don’t believe that this alleged “insider” has any real insight into McEntire’s love life. We are skeptical that McEntire’s friends would attempt to endanger her relationship with Linn through spreading such gossip. And judging from this recent post on McEntire’s Instagram profile, she and Linn are doing just fine.

Reba McEntire’s Tabloids

This isn’t the first time a magazine has gone after Reba McEntire’s relationship with Rex Linn. We’ve covered a variety of stories about Reba McEntire pushing her new boyfriend away. And this year? OK!It was even reported that Linn and McEntire were going to the altar. We’re not sure what made the tabloid change its tune, but its latest story isn’t any more believable than the countless other tales we’ve confronted about Linn and McEntire.