Rebecca Wisocky, Star of ‘Ghosts, Teases Season 2 with a Behind-the Scenes Photo


The CBS Television Network’s cast GhostsThe team is ready and waiting for Season 2! After Thursday’s announcement about the network’s smash hit sitcom returning in September for its second season, Rebecca Wisocky (series star, Woodstone Mansion’s lady-of-the-house) shared a behind the scenes photo with fans. It teased how the series’ new episodes would look. “Ghost band’s back together!”

Wisocky, who is well-known for her role in Henrietta, posted a photo to her official Instagram account on Thursday afternoon. “Hetty” Woodstone posted a snap with her eight ghostly co-stars Asher Grodman, Richie Moriarty, Brandon Scott Jones, Devan Chandler Long, Sheila Carrasco, Román Zaragoza and Danielle Pinnock alongside guest star John Hartman — known for playing Nigel, the love interest of Jones’ Isaac. “Ghost Band’s back together!! Bad boy Pete on bass. Welcome to Woodstone Mansion Season 2!”Wisocky captioned Wisocky’s photo.

The snap drew a response. GhostsRose McIver was the star Rose McIver and called her co stars the “dream. team.” alongside a fire emoji. Later, she wrote: “Omg [Brandon Scott Jones] on the groin stretch”The clapping emoji followed, praising his flexibility. Grodman can be seen clearly showing that he has the boyband appeal with Jones, Moriarty, Long and Long. He shared the photo on social media, writing, “The [Ghosts CBS] sophomore album drops 8:30pm (7:30c) Thursday, September 29th on [CBS TV] (or anytime on [Paramount+].”

In support of the episode, Wisocky called in January. “The Vault,”Hetty shared how much she enjoys playing the role. Even if that means she has to wear a beautiful blue Victorian gown “some days feels tighter than others.”However, she loves it. “First of all, it’s wonderful to never have a costume fitting and it’s become a kind of a ritual to get trussed up into that outfit every day,”She said it last winter. “I’ve said this before, but like the restraint and the restriction that it both literally and metaphorically places on me and how I hold myself and how I move and how I’m forced to breathe and speak because of it is very, very helpful and was really informative for how I play the character and some of the clues that I found about how to enjoy playing her the most.”

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