Rebecca Zamolo shares the magic and joy of parenting after pregnancy loss


Not even the most truncated of maternity leaves could dim her glow. 

“We run a company and, unfortunately, if I’m not there, that company can’t run and there’s a lot of people that count on us,”She said that she would need to rest for a week and a half in order to recover. Because just six days after Zadie’s arrival, she and Slays released their second book, Mansion Mystery: The Game Master

“I’m so proud of the book,”She gushed. “But it’s inauthentic to me to have a child and then be like, ‘Here’s my new book!’ It just felt wrong. So we’re late to the promotion.”Fans’ excitement has not been diminished by it, however. New York Times bestselling authors drawing a sold-out crowd for a recent Barnes & Noble appearance that saw Zadie make a cameo. 

Still, like so many other working parents, Zamolo has had to find a balance between her jam-packed career and spending time with Zadie. “I wake up a little earlier so that I can be there,”She explained. “And I set aside times of the day that are just our time with her. I don’t go on my phone, I don’t check emails. I block off those times and just wing it the rest of the time.”

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