Rebel Wilson’s Surprising Way to Get Into Acting


There are many reasons why people start a career as a showbiz professional. Rebel Wilson’s path was a very unique one. Did you know that a serious illness was what started the Australian actress’ career?

Wilson: How a Serious Health Concern Led to Him Acting

A new episode of Podcast Hollywood, Australia: AussiesWilson explained that she had contracted severe malaria from visiting Mozambique as a volunteer on a charity mission at the age 19. Wilson explained that she was not taking any malaria prophylactics, which is why she became sick. “[I had heard] they can cause mental problems, so I ended up being the stupid person who got it,”The actress laughed.

Wilson said that while she was in the hospital, Wilson experienced hallucinations and a vision which would ultimately change her life. “I’m just lying there in hospital, can’t really hear, can’t really watch TV and I was just hallucinating on the drugs that I was an actress,”The actress spoke up. 

“[In the hallucination] I was giving an acceptance speech and I gave an acceptance rap, which seems so dorky now,”Wilson shared. “When people have kind of near-death experiences, people can experience certain things that really change the course of their life.”   

Too good to be true

Some people thought the story was too fantastic to be true. Wilson was then accused by the Australian magazine of being an amoral serial liar. Woman’s Day. She claimed that she had lied to the magazine about her upbringing, background, and age. Wilson admitted that she had lied about Wilson’s age and sued the magazine for defamation, special damages, and defamation. The actress was awarded $4.5 million in damages. 

Wilson’s Comedic Career

The Australian actress has proved her talent, no matter if the story is true. Wilson’s on-screen debut was in 2003 with an Australian comedy series. PizzaHer career took off from there. After her appearance in Bridesmaids Pitch Perfect, and she’s now one of the most in-demand comedic actresses working today. 

Wilson, in addition to comedy, has tried her hand with dramatic roles such as the TV show. Les NortonMusicals and a lot of them. Cats. However, comedies are still where Wilson shines, and she’s appeared in hits like How to be single, Isn’t It Romantic??, The Hustle

We are now wondering when Wilson will next appear on our screens. There are some interesting projects in the pipeline for the actress, including comedy. Senior YearA drama. The Seahorse and the Almond. It seems like Wilson’s malaria-induced hallucination ended up coming true! 

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