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G4 TV’s ArenaA popular game series featuring two teams competing in multiplayer video gaming. The show appears to be returning. Recent post LinkedIn page for G4The network teased that a reboot was in the works. A graphic that promotes Name your priceSmosh was the brand’s most recent partner. ArenaIt’s displayed with a photo Xavier Woods, a.k.a. Austin Creed is the WWE Superstar, and also one of the network’s personalities. While WWEG4 and G4 had previously announced that they were working together on a show, but it is not clear if. ArenaThat’s it. Other information is not available. ArenaYou can reboot.

The series’ format featured teams playing in multiplayer video games against each other. Episodes of the series featured a continuous tournament format. Sometimes, popular video games may overlap with the games in some cases. 2004 Unreal TournamentAnd Call of Duty. The participants of each team had the opportunity to share their thoughts and explain what inspired them to name their teams. The show, which ran from 2002 to 2005 on NBC, is returning. Wil Wheaton and Travis Oates hosted that original show. Jim Downs, the producer of the original show, was responsible for both hosts’ departures. Wheaton, in a Slashdot, had no problem discussing their creative differences publically. Lee Reherman eventually replaced them, and Michael Louden Louden was then replaced by Kevin Pereira. 

Each host was popular before they got the hosting gig. Wheaton is best remembered for his role in Wesley Crusher, the tv phenomenon. Star Trek: The Next Generation. Reherman was one the “Gladiators”In the original 1989-1996 version, named Hawk American Gladiators. Pereira hosted G4’s. Attack of the Show! Later, she was asked to host the current reboot and spinoffs of the show. Vibe CheckAnd The Loop. He also hosted the game series competitions. Let’s Ask America The truTV show Hack My Life.

Let’s Ask America The game show featured players using Skype and webcams to answer questions from people across America. There were three rounds as well as a bonus. A version of the show was not only broadcast in the United States, but it was also available in France, Arabia and the Philippines. Bob Goen, a Cincinnati native, started airing a local show in 2014. 

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