Recycled laptop batteries help couple in Australia to power their home


An Australian couple has discovered a way to power their home that is more environmentally-friendly.

Syd Goodman and Camille Goodman are from Canberra. They say they wanted do their part to protect the environment after 2020’s unprecedented bushfire season. This forced them to take a look at their carbon emissions.

Now, they power their home using salvaged laptop batteries.

“I ended up getting a whole lot of salvaged laptop batteries, by the kilo, disassembling them all and testing all the batteries,”Syd said.

“We started trying to figure out how much carbon could we emit, so we could have a budget. And the more we looked into it the more we realized there is no proper amount because we’re going to overshoot,” Camille added. “We have to shoot for zero, as close to zero as possible.”

One idea was to recycle the batteries. They discovered that their carbon emissions were the largest part of their budget when they reviewed their driving habits. Syd discovered a solution in another repurposed item.

“I bought a 2019 Model 3 Performance Tesla off eBay actually. All the internals of this are going to go into the Land Rover. The screens, the air conditioning, the sound effects,”Syd said.

The Goodmans don’t expect others to go to the same lengths to change their environmental impact, but they hope people will consider making small concessions that could add up to big changes for the planet.

“Do what you can. No one’s going to be perfect. I’m constantly trying to take another step. This will make your life better not worst,”Syd said.


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