Reese Witherspoon Grasses Her Old Outfits In The Recent Insta Post


Can you picture someone looking through your old yearbook photos, and grading you looks? I’d rather have someone gag me with a spoon than review my so-called outfits from my teenage years. Fortunately for us, Reese Witherspoon isn’t afraid to grade her younger self in old photos. Turns out, she’s not even grading on a curve!

In a recent Instagram video Witherspoon looked at some of her retro outfits. One of the outfits was from 1996, when she was only twenty-years old. In her caption, the producer stated that one of them dates back to 1996 when the actress was just 20 years old. “Let’s review some looks, shall we?”

Take a look at Nostalgia With Witherspoon

Witherspoon’s first review was of a crushed velvet, sleeveless dress. The outfit was paired with black masquerade mask and thigh-high boots. It was part of the 1996 premiere. Romeo and Juliet.

As the actress graded her classic ’90s look, she said the outfit is “cute”However, the boots were described as “a lot.”Witherspoon created the look. “B” only because she’s chewing gum in the picture.

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Witherspoon wore an all-black, bare-chest-baring look in the second look. The actress paired a classic ’90s stretchy, floor-length black skirt with a classic black tee.

She completed the look by adding a bedazzled, beige belt to her look and deep red lipstick. The actress was shocked to discover that she was wearing a wadded-up jacket while on the red carpet. “B-”While laughing out loud at the jacket.

The third piece is a classic Witherspoon look. In fact, it’s so classic that current-day Witherspoon is wearing a similar outfit while grading her throwbacks!

Turns out, we aren’t the only ones who noticed the resemblance. Chelsea Handler said, “You’re wearing the same outfit in this video as you were when you were 16, Nancy.”Witherspoon replied, “I love a classic look, Chels!”

This classic look is what it is. Retro actress, as seen wearing a white buttoned-up shirt paired with jeans and black pants. The look was completed with pearl studded earrings by the actress. The actress said she looked exactly like “a little old lady”With the pearls, Witherspoon kept the look alive. “A” for being classic.

Witherspoon showcased a monochromatic look with cherry red in her next-to-last ensemble. The actress wore tailored red pants and a matching button-down cherry shirt, from her lipstick to her nail polish to everything else. According to the actress, it’s a great Christmas-themed look.

The fifth piece was then won by Witherspoon! Sporting a traditional black turtleneck sweater with matching ankle boots and rocking a plaid red skirt that hits just above the knee, it’s no wonder that the actress gave this look an “A+.” It’s an outfit that has stood the test of time.

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