Reese Witherspoon’s Three-Generation Photo Has Fans Frustrated


It is not unusual for mothers and daughters to look alike. Reese WitherspoonHer family takes it to a whole new level. The actress recently shared a picture of herself, her mother, and her daughter, and fans couldn’t believe how similar the trio looks. 

Witherspoon Ladies are a hit with fans: ‘Three Identical Girls’

“Sunday Brunch crew,”Witherspoon captioned the shot of the group sitting side-by-side. Betty Witherspoon and Ava, her mother, looked exactly like the actress. Fans quickly pointed out the similarity. 

“Three identical girls,”One fan was astonished. Another wrote: “3 beautiful generations.”Another person commented. “Y’all are literally precious.”When it came to the reason why the group looks so similar, others pointed out the obvious: “[These] genetics omg.”

Ava and Witherspoon dubbed ‘Mom Daughter Twins’

Fans of actress Witherspoon are familiar with the look-alike Witherspoon families. Every time she posts photos of Ava, 23, and her mother, the internet goes wild over how similar they appear to each other. 

Witherspoon recently posted a photo of the pair standing arm-in-arm to celebrate Ava’s birthday, and fans couldn’t believe how similar they looked. “mom daughter twins,” Queer EyeStar Jonathan Van Ness wrote. “I will never not do double takes at this duo,”Another fan commented. 

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Another recent post of the actress featured her mom. Her followers were also stunned at the similarity between the mother-daughter. Betty and Witherspoon were pictured together on vacation.

“The genetics in this family are STRONG,”One person commented. One other person wrote. “Your mom looks amazing just like you.”Witherspoon is acutely aware of the similarities among the three, and has no problem accepting it. 

Witherspoon: ‘I Love Being Mistaken For [Ava]’

“I love being mistaken for [Ava] because it makes me feel so young,” Witherspoon laughed. “I’m so proud of her. She really rolls with it. I’m sure it’s not easy looking exactly like your mother.” 

Ava, however, is there to help her when she gets frustrated. “Whenever Ava is frustrated, I go, ‘Call Zoe [Kravitz], text Zoe, she knows what to talk about.’ I mean, that’s another mother-daughter combo that’s like identical twins,”Witherspoon shared.

Mothers and daughters usually look somewhat alike, but based on the internet’s reactions to pictures of Witherspoon with her mother and daughter, it seems like this trio’s genetics are crazy strong! 

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