Referee “annoyed”Bayern had 12 pitch players


Christian Dingert, the Bundesliga referee, admitted to feeling frustrated after Bayern Munich’s 4-1 victory against SC Freiburg.

After a mix up with their substitutes, the German giants had an extra player who was on the field for nine seconds.

It happened in the 86th minutes, as Corentin Tolisso (Kingsley Coman) was due to be replaced with Marcel Sabitzer and Niklas Sueele. However, the fourth official made an error and gave Coman the wrong number. The France winger then continued to pitch for a few seconds.

Freiburg noticed the error immediately and alerted his referee. Play was halted only seconds after it had resumed at Europa-Park Stadion. Dingert admitted that he had noticed the error in his match reports and was annoyed by the whole situation.

The game was held up while the officials and coaching staff attempted to rectify the problem
The officials and coaching staff tried to correct the problem but the game was stopped.

“The wrong number was shown so the player Coman did not feel it was referring him. While clearing up the situation between team and the official it was neglected to take the player off. That is very annoying,”Dingert.

“We interrupted the game. It took a bit longer to clear it up. That is why we had eight minutes of stoppage time. We have noted that in the match report that this is what occurred. In the 16 seconds (Coman played on) not much happened and it is now up to the colleagues at the German Football Association.”

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Referee Christian Dingert noted the incident in his match report
Referee Christian Dingert mentioned the incident in his match report

Bundesliga rules allow Bayern to win, and this could have a major impact on the title race. Christian Streich, Freiburg boss, said that he did not intend to appeal.

“I expect that we will not have to appeal anything. We abide by these rules and that is all I will say about it,”He said this after seeing his Champions League-chasing team go down 4-1 against the league leaders. Julian Nagelsmann attempted to downplay the incident calling it “weird.”

“The fourth official showed the wrong number,”Nagelsmann spoke at his press conference after the match. “King (Coman), did not know that he had to go off.

Kingsley Coman remained on the pitch for a few seconds longer than he should have done
Kingsley Coman was on the pitch for a little longer than he should and stayed there for a while.

“It was eight or nine seconds I think that we played like that. It was not a game-deciding incident but still a bit weird. It is normal for fans to be discussing it. I know who is to blame but I will not name them and do you this favour. I am happy we won.”

Bayern secured their top spot in the Bundesliga with goals from Leon Goretzka and Serge Gnabry as well as Kingsley Coman, Kingsley Coman, Marcel Sabitzer, and Kingsley Coman. Bavarian giants lead Borussia Dortmund by nine points with six games left.

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