Referee Mark Clattenburg Once Threatened To Tell Jordan Henderson’s Mom About On-Field Abuse


Mark Clattenburg once threatened to tell Jordan Henderson’s mum about on-field abuse that the Liverpool midfielder had leveled at the former Premier League official.

Clattenburg officiated in the top flight between 2004 and 2017 before going on to referee matches in both Saudi Arabia and China prior to retiring.

He has now revealed in an interview with FootballJOE that he once told Henderson he would snitch on him to his mum after the Liverpool skipper gave him abuse during a match.

Henderson and Clattenburg are both from the northeast and the ex-referee says he has met his parents before.

Jordan Henderson protests a decision to Mark Clattenburg

“He mouthed off at us in a match against Bournemouth. Liverpool were playing away,” recalled Clattenburg.

“He swore at us or he said some bad words, and I said ‘What did you just say to me?’ To get a reaction, thinking he wouldn’t say it again.

“He said it again, and I said, ‘Ok then.’ I could easily send him off or yellow card him, I turned round and said, ‘Look, I’m going to tell your mother what you said to me.’

“And he went completely white! He was regretting it.”

Clattenburg also recalled another incident with Henderson after he sent him off in a crucial match between Liverpool and Manchester City in 2014.

Mark Clattenburg sends off Jordan Henderson

Liverpool won the match 3-2 as they pushed for a first league title since 1990, but Henderson was given his marching orders in stoppage time for a challenge on Samir Nasri.

Clattenburg also recalled Henderson’s mum’s response to the sending off, explaining that: “When I sent him off, he was playing for Liverpool against Manchester City, on the 25th year anniversary [of Hillsborough] and that was when Liverpool had the chance of winning the title.

“They were the top two sides at the time, and whoever won, everybody thought that was the moment Liverpool would win the title.

“Jordan [Henderson] got sent off in the last minute for a rash challenge, I saw him a few weeks later and his parents live not far from me in the northeast.

“He said to us, ‘When I got sent off, I went into the dressing room and the first… When I checked my mobile, my mam…’ His Mother, had sent him a message saying, ‘Why did you get sent off?’ She was angry with him.”

“I knew his mam and dad, how they were. He’s very respectful towards his parents of course.”

The dismissal of Henderson was one of 48 handed out by Clattenburg in his 292 Premier League matches across 13 seasons in the league.

He details more stories from his time as a referee in his new autobiography, ‘Whistle Blower’, which was released last week.