Remains of Humans Reported missing in 1972 by Teenage Girl


A teenage girl whose body was found almost 50 years ago in Florida has been identified, according to Palm Beach County authorities.

A recent press conference revealed that the young woman was identified as Susan Poole thanks to DNA technology.

According to Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Detective William Springer, Poole, 15, had been reported missing in 1972 by her family, shortly before Christmas. 

Poole had recently dropped out of high school and had been living both with her family in a trailer park and her friend in an apartment nearby, according to authorities.

“Nobody knew where she went,” Springer said. He added that Poole’s clothes and purse were left at her friend’s apartment.

According to CBS, human remains were discovered in Palm Beach County in 1974, two years after the fact.

“She was tied up in the mangroves with wire to a tree,”Springer spoke at the conference.

“She was skeletal remains, totally nothing left of her except bones.”

Springer claimed that detectives did not have access to the DNA technology available now, which led to the case becoming cold.

Investigators attempted to submit DNA to a national missing persons’ database in 2015, but initially found no results, according to the outlet. 

In 2021, Othram — a Texas-based forensics lab that builds DNA profiles using genealogy — contacted the sheriff’s office last December to help solve the cold case, CBS News. 

According to Springer, in March of 2022, Othram gave the names of Poole’s mother and siblings, and authorities then provided a matching DNA sample from Poole’s mother.

Detectives believe she may have been murdered by serial killer Gerard Schaefer, an ex-police officer, due to the similar manner that Schafer’s other victims were slain. 

Springer says Schaefer was a deputy for the Martin County Sheriff’s Office during the time Poole disappeared.

According to CBS, the serial killer was found guilty of killing two teenage girls. Their mutilated and decapitated remains had been discovered in 1973 in Martin County.

According to authorities, Schaefer was involved in at least 30 deaths. Florida is home to the tree where Schaefer allegedly tortured his victims and killed them. “Devil Tree,” according to CBS.

According to the outlet, Robert Stone, who prosecuted Schaefer, called him, “He was the most sexually deviant man I’ve ever seen. He made Ted Bundy look like a Boy Scout.”

CBS News reports that he was sentenced for life in prison, but was fatally stabbed in the Florida State Prison by a fellow inmate in 1995.

Police requested community assistance. A recent statement. “Susan’s mother is still alive and all we need is a lead. Who could have committed this heinous crime?”The post was read.

Springer is asking to speak to Poole’s previous friends Julie Hunt, Michelle Williamson, and Greg Anderson. 

“These three could help us find the missing piece and give her family closure,”The statement was read.

Detective Springer is urging anyone with any information to contact them. Authorities suggest that anyone with information wishes to remain anonymous by calling Crime Stoppers at 1-800-458-8IPS.

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