Remembrance Day 2021: Which side should you wear your poppy before the day of reflection


While the Royal British Legion says there’s no right or wrong way to wear a poppie, many people have their own opinions.

It’s Remembrance Season in the Commonwealth. People take time to reflect on and remember those who have died in conflict.

Many will be wearing the iconic poppy of the Royal British Legion, which is a symbol of the flowers that were grown from the graves those who died on the Western Front during the First World War.

Despite their familiar appearance and regular appearances, there is still some debate over where to wear them.

Which side should your poppies be placed?

Although the most common answer is the left-hand lapel, it’s not a definitive answer.

Wearing a poppy on your right is logical. It is the closest thing to your heart. We also keep close those who made the sacrifice.

Depending on what tradition you follow, some say that it should be worn on the left side only and women on the right. This corresponds with traditional places women and men would wear brooches or badges.

The British Legion, which runs the Poppy Appeal campaign, says there is no one right way to wear a poppie. It’s just something people do. “with pride”.

Where does the Poppy Appeal money go to?

The money is intended to be used for support of the armed forces and their families as well as their dependents.

Three years after the Armistice to End the First World War, the first Poppy Appeal was held in 1921.

The British Legion’s campaign theme this year is “Every Poppy Counts”The charity hopes for a prosperous year after last year’s severe pandemic.

The street sellers and familiar sights were absent for one year. The traditional Whitehall parade at Cenotaph attended only by the Queen and Prime Minister was also severely restricted.

Things should return to normal this year, with people who wish to pay their respects being able to buy poppies and other symbols to remembrance at shops, street vendors, and the British Legion’s website.

They are traditionally on sale in October but can now be purchased all year on their website.

When is the best time to start wearing your poppy

The debate over when is just as important. Some believe that you should wear your poppy as soon as November begins, while others feel it is best to start wearing it at October’s first.

However, the most popular is October 31, which occurs 11 days before 11th day – The day of the armistice.