Renée Zellweger Panicking After Ant Anstead Pumped The Brakes On Relationship?


It is Renée ZellwegerShe panicked and Ant AnsteadAre you headed for splitsville One tabloid reports that Anstead is giving the Bridget Jones star mixed signals. Here’s what we know.

Renée Zellweger’s New Romance Losing Steam?

This week Star reports Renée Zellweger is feeling uneasy about her relationship with Ant Anstead. Apparently, recent comments from Anstead have the actress worried their romance isn’t going anywhere. Anstead answered a question about Zellweger’s move in with him when he was interviewed. Celebrity IOU – Joyride The host responded that it was “too soon”For that. But that’s the first Zellweger has heard of it.

According to reports, his comment was “threw Renée for a loop,”Source: “Especially because they’ve already discussed taking the next step and getting engaged.” In fact, Zellweger recently put her LA home on the market thinking she’d be moving with with Anstead. “The last thing she wants is to seem needy, so she’s doing her best to play it cool, but the truth is, she’s freaking out,”These are the best tipster recipes.

We seriously doubt Renee Zellweger is too worried about Anstead’s comments. The tabloid decided to leave out Anstead also spoke highly of Zellweger.During the interview. After noting that he and Zellweger aren’t quite ready for cohabitation, he said, “We’re taking things nice and slow, and we’re really happy.”He said that he was in New Orleans to visit Zellweger, while she films a movie.

“I went out there a couple weeks ago to spend some time with her and am heading back out there this weekend,”He said that Zellweger is also a good choice. “good traveler and she’s been to that city before, so it’s nice. Looking forward to getting back.”Anstead also gushed about Zellweger’s relationship just a few months back. “Sometimes things come to you at the right time, and actually the right time is often the most unexpected,”He Originally said in the moment. “There’s absolutely no way it was something I expected, but there’s something magical in that, right?”

Anstead also posted a sweet snap of Zellweger and Anstead kissing to Instagram earlier in this month. Anstead shared his feelings about New Orleans in the caption. “All made made better by magical company to share it with…. [heart emoji]”. It’s obvious Anstead and Zellweger are doing just fine, and we’re sure they’re on the same page about their relationship.

The Tabloids On Renée Zellweger And Ant Anstead’s Relationship

It’s like the tabloids are rooting for this couple to break up. The couple split up earlier in the year. National Enquirer reported “narcissistic”Zellweger drove Anstead off. Then Woman’s Day reported Zellweger’s friends didn’t trust Anstead. And even more recently: In Touch claimed Zellweger’s friends worried Anstead was “dangerous.” Obviously, the tabloids don’t have any real insight into Zellweger and Anstead’s romance.