Report: Major CNN Player “Fired Himself” to Save Others’ Jobs


CNN laid off major employees in Atlanta. “gut punch” new CEO Chris Licht predicted. John Antonio, one of the key executives who lost his job, was the Vice President Programming. According to reports, he hoped to reduce the number of layoffs by resigning first, and then promoting Nima Ahmed to his second in command to save others’ jobs.

Antonio’s resignation was announced Friday. CNN viewers may not notice the layoffs due to the disappearance of on-camera talent Puck News‘ Dylan Byers described the departures of Antonio and Michael Bass, the head of programming, as the “biggest blow”The network. Antonio and Bass were the leaders of the network. “very small”A group of executives that knew the inside workings and dynamics of the company. Licht was linked to the newsroom by Bass, who made the announcement that he would be leaving CNN before the year ends. Byers reported Licht and Ryan Kadro’s deputy will face an “even steeper learning curve”Without Antonio and Bass.

CNN employees were reported to have been fired. “stunned”Antonio’s resignation was announced. Byers reported that Antonio “fired himself”Ahmet was promoted to this position, believing that he could save the jobs of his colleagues. Sources said that Ahmet was also promoted by Ahmet, believing he could save his colleagues’ jobs. Deadline Antonio was resigning in order to save his colleagues. Rick Lewchuck (senior vice president of brand standards and creative marketing) is another executive who has left the company.

CNN’s sister network HLN was hit particularly hard by the cuts announced last week. Morning Express It will come to an abrupt halt with Robin Meade, anchor, and all the staffers leaving. CNN This MorningIt will be taken over by the new show. HLN’s news broadcasts are replaced by true crime programs, which are similar to ID’s programming. Warner Bros. owns both HLN as well as ID. The April merger between Discovery and Warner Bros. was completed.

CNN journalists were also affected by some of these cuts. Martin Savidge was one of the most well-known anchors to CNN viewers for many years. Dan Merica, a national political reporter, and Brandon Tensley were also laid off. Chris Cillizza, correspondent Alison Kosik and contributors Paul Begala, Preet Bhharara, were also laid off. The company expects to reduce the workforce of 4,000 by 10%.

Licht also cut back productions for CNN Original Series (and CNN Films) before the layoffs. These were both major components of CNN during Jeff Zucker’s era. They would have featured prominently on the brief-lived CNN+ streaming platform, which was notoriously one of the first to be shut down after the Warner Bros. acquisition. The Discovery merger was concluded. Licht plans to hold a town hall meeting in order to discuss all the changes that the network has undergone this week.

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