Reports state that Aunt was charged with attempted murder for pushing Boy off Pier


An Illinois woman has been charged with attempted murder after cops say she pushed her 3-year-old nephew into the water off Chicago’s Navy Pier Monday afternoon, Fox 32 reported.

Victoria Moreno, 34, was taken into custody Monday night and was later charged after cops allege she pushed the boy into the water and did not attempt to rescue him, according to reports.

According to reports, the boy was left in critical condition. Chicago Sun Times.

According to the police report, Moreno initially told responding officers that she was only a witness to the incident, then claimed she was holding the boy’s shirt and allegedly let go because he “was acting up,”The Chicago Sun Times reported.

Ashton King, a witness to the Chicago Sun Times, said she heard a splash and attempted to put a floatation device into the water to save the child. The relative refused to help.

“He was … floating on his back and just looking up at the sky, his head was the only thing that was bobbing above the water,”King spoke to the Sun-Times “By the time we had thrown [a life preserver] in, he had already gone under.”

“Your first instinct is to jump in, jump in and save them,”King was added.

According to the Chicago Sun Times, a source who knew about the investigation claims that surveillance video shows the relative pushing and throwing the child towards the edge of the pier before throwing him into the water.

The child went into cardiac arrest and was rushed to nearby Lurie Children’s Hospital, police reportedly said.

According to authorities the child had been with his grandmother since Monday. On Monday, his aunt took him from his home after his grandmother briefly went upstairs. The Independent reported.

“Navy Pier is deeply saddened to learn about the injury of a child pulled from the water this afternoon. We are working very closely with the Chicago Police Department as they investigate the incident. Our hearts are with the child and his loved ones,”Navy Pier officials made the following statement to The Independent:

Inside Edition Digital reached out to Chicago Police Department for additional information, but was not able to get a response.

Moreno was granted bail Wednesday. The judge denied her bail and she is prohibited from having any contact with her family members. Her next court appearance will be on September 30, according to the Cook County District Attorney’s Office.

Inside Edition Digital reached out for information from the Cook County Courts, but has not received a response.


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