Residents living in lockdown-party housing say they don’t care about PM’s “No10 bash”


Grove Hill estate, Middlesbrough, hosted a VE Day Party at the same time Boris Johnson is alleged that he attended a BYOB’ party at 10, Downing Street

Estate residents who organized a VE Day party at the height the first lockdown hit the headlines say they were inspired by the news. ‘don’t care’ about the PM’s own alleged party.

The bash was held on the Grove Hill estate, Middlesbrough, in May 2020. It attracted ridicule from millions of Brits who were following lockdown rules.

The party featured a DJ playing music on a lawn while Boris Johnson was allegedly breaking London rules at the time. ‘bring your own bottle’ do.

The estate had people tell their stories Teesside LiveThey ‘couldn’t care less’.

Liam Henry, 55 years old, stated that he is defending the PM. “I think this thing about Boris is just a load of tripe.

“I say it as it is – Labour, the Lib Dems, the 1922 Committee – they want to mind their own business. We voted in Boris, not them. And they are all just as bad, they just haven’t been caught.

“We support Boris 100%. He’s done a good job for us.”

Local Alan Winner said of the do at 10 Downing Street: “He’s had a party – so what? People couldn’t care less.

“And you have to look at this both ways, is he doing a good job? Things are getting good and things are happening.

“When people weren’t working (under furlough), he was backing them up at home.”

It comes as several people including furious Tory voters said the Prime Minister should quit over the party, revealed via an email from his top aide to 100 No 10 staff inviting them to a ‘BOYB’ drinks do.

Scots Conservative leader Douglas Ross agreed the PM should quit if he was found to have misled Parliament by insisting no rules had been broken.

He said: “If the Prime Minister has misled Parliament, then he must resign.”

Sir Charles Walker, vice chairman of the backbench1922 Committee that organises Tory leadership contests, gave the PM a six month ultimatum.

Natalie, a young mum living on the Teeside estate, was among those furious at the PM’s supposed antics.

She stated: “How many times has (the PM) done this? Our party was for VE Day, it was a one off, yet it seems like he was doing it every other weekend – I think he’s a hypocrite.”

Boris Johnson was described by a dog walker as “a” ‘divvy and a clown’.