Residents stunned as extraordinarily fat bear captured staggering past camera


A whopping black bear was seen waddling past a nature trail camera in Voyageurs National Park in northern Minnesota, with its belly so large it was almost touching the ground

A black bear that is enormously overweight has caused a ripple online.

The large Ursidae was spotted in Minnesota on a nature trail’s cameras and immediately impressed with its hefty size.

Footage of the four legged mammal shows its stomach almost touching the ground as it takes each step.

The bear was caught on film just south of the Voyageurs National Park in northern Minnesota on October 7, Fox 9 reported.

“This might be THE fattest bear we have ever seen in our area!” the Facebook account for the project posted along with the video on December 1.

“How much do you think this porker weighs?! Unfortunately, we only got one video of this beauty but it is enough to appreciate the bear’s curves and figure…it worked hard for that body.

“We are still going through trail camera footage from this past summer and fall where we are finding and trying to share some gems like this.

“With the number of cameras we have out, it takes quite an effort to get through all of the footage.”

The significant heft of the bear led some to question whether it was unnaturally large.

“Is he ok? Are they supposed to get this big?” one viewer asked.

Others suggested it had found itself a source of human food with particularly high fat content.

Steph Horner, of the Vince Shute Wildlife Sanctuary, said the bear was “completely fine”.

“Bears in northern Minnesota try to gain 30 to 50 per cent of their weight since they hibernate and may not eat for 6 to 7 months,” she added.

“I suspect he’s actually a bear from my sanctuary in Orr and managed to find additional food sources after we closed for the season.”

Some viewers thought the Minnesota bear could rival the winner of Fat Bear Week put on by Alaska’s Katmai National Park.

In 2020 a salmon chomping beast was crowned the winner of the competition.

747 – who is named after the famously large plane – scooped the prestigious gong during Alaska’s annual battle of the heavyweights.

The bear, one of more than 2,200 brown bears roaming Alaska’s Katmai National Park and Preserve, was victorious on Tuesday after a week of frenzied online voting.

Winner 747 was a worthy champion, the park said in a statement.

“This year he really packed on the pounds, looking like he was fat enough to hibernate in July and yet continuing to eat until his belly seemed to drag along the ground by late September,” the park said.