Retired US Army Vet Training Resistance Fighters Among Volunteers Helping Ukraine Against Russia


A number of ex-military members of the United States will be going overseas to help Ukrainians defeat Russian forces. One such veteran is Paul Gray from Tyler Texas.

Tyler was formerly a member of the 101st Airborne Division and spoke to Inside Edition via secret location in Ukraine. 

“Me and a platoon of Americans are trying to train as many Ukrainians as possible for combat operations, for guerilla warfare, for insurgency, and we are trying to kill as many people that are trying to kill Ukrainians,”Gray stated.

Andrew Bennett, a Bayonne, New Jersey-based carpenter, has also volunteered.

“I’m not going over there to play Rambo. I’m going over there because I’m able-bodied. I’m strong. I’m fit. I can carry people. I can drag people off the floor. I can bandage people up,” Bennett said.

About 16,000 volunteers from the U.S. and other countries have already joined Ukraine’s struggle for freedom.

According to Ukraine, approximately 11,000 Russian soldiers have been killed and 285 tanks destroyed in the invasion.