Richard Ayoade, BAFTA TV host – Richard’s life: Famous wife, celeb inlaws, career change


The 67th British Academy Awards, also known as the BAFTAs, will be held this weekend.

It’s a Sin, Gogglebox, and Stath Lets Flats are among the popular nominees. Jodie Comer, Graham Norton and Jessica Plummer will all be trying to win gongs.

The broadcast will air from London’s Royal Festival Hall. It will be the first BAFTA ceremony that an audience of in-person attendees has seen in three years.

This will be good news to its host.

Richard Ayoade (comedian and writer) will present the show for the third year.

However, things could have gone a lot differently for the comedian.

Here are some interesting facts about Richard.

Career change

Richard Ayoade will host the BAFTAs for the third straight year
Richard Ayoade will host this year’s BAFTAs, for the third consecutive year

Did you know Richard could have taken a completely different path and not ended up on our screens instead?

After growing up in the east of England just outside Ipswich, the 44-year old attended St Catharine’s College in Cambridge.

After three years of law school, he was able to finish his studies at the college in 1998.

It was an extracurricular activity that helped him launch his career.

Richard was a huge fan of stage productions and was elected president of Footlights College’s amateur drama club. John Oliver was his vice-president!

Hugh Laurie, Robert Webb and David Mitchell were the previous presidents of this group.

Richard claims that his degree is not a bachelor’s. “fallback”He had to return to instead “square one”.

Marriages have been the source of many famous connections

Richard Ayoade with his wife Lydia Fox
Richard Ayoade and Lydia Fox

Richard was not the only future star to whom John Oliver was linked in Cambridge.

He met Lydia Fox, actress, while studying at UCLA and has been married to her ever since.

Lydia was educated at Newnham College, University of Cambridge. Laurence Fox is Laurence Fox’s brother and actor. Jack Fox is the Cheaters actor.

Laurence Fox is Richard's brother in-law
Laurence Fox is Richard’s brother-in-law

Two of her famous cousins are Emilia Fox, and Freddie Fox.

They met during a performance, where Lydia was in the crowd and Richard on stage.

Although their relationship is private, they share three children together and reside in London.

BAFTA Success

Richard Ayoade on the set of The Crystal Maze
Richard Ayoade pictured on The Crystal Maze’s set

Richard has numerous credits for acting, writing, and producing.

In his long career, he has received two BAFTA nominations – one for Outstanding Directing or Director of a British Writer and Producer for Submarine.

The other award was his only BAFTA nomination so far: Best Male Comedy Performance 2014 for his role as Maurice Moss on The IT Crowd, Channel 4.

After a string of success hosting roles on shows like Travel Man and The Crystal Maze he was named the host of Britain’s biggest TV and movie awards show in 2020.

He was well liked by peers and viewers so much, that he was able to continue as the presenter of the 2021 awards.

We’ll be able to see him host his third consecutive BAFTA ceremony on Sunday. This will make him the first man since Graham Norton ever to do so.

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