‘Rings of Power’ Viewers Dissatisfied with Series Reveal


Amazon’s Lord of the Rings: The Rings of PowerAlthough it was an emotional roller coaster, the series’ first season had many supporters at Episode 6. This episode revealed something that would change the course of television. Some viewers were disappointedI believed it was too far from J.R.R. Tolkien’s original piece. Warning: There are spoilers! The Rings of Power ahead!

Tolkien fans who are ardent and have read the extensive background work of Tolkien beyond The HobbitThe Lord of the RingsThe way baffled the trio. Rings of PowerIt seemed to create romantic tension between Galadriel and Halbrand (Charlie Vickers). In the continuity established The SilmarillionThe appendices are to The Lord of the RingsAccording to other writings, Galadriel should be married by now to her long-term husband Celeborn. Galadriel wasn’t mentioned in the show and Celeborn was finally mentioned in Episode 6.

Galadriel suggests Celeborn is dead in Episode 6. He also refers to his noble past works. This infuriated a lot of fans – even casual movie fans who noted that Celeborn is alive and makes an appearance in The Fellowship of the RingAn article by however Screen RantThis may not be a continuity issue technically, as Tolkien’s writings describe how functionally immortal Elfs can regain their bodies after being killed.

Celeborn’s passing was not mentioned in Tolkien’s writings. Many felt that it was an attempt to control the story. This element has been a negative influence on many viewers’ enjoyment of the show. This video shows how viewers are reacting to this change. The Rings of Power.

Celeborn’s Reaction

Celeborn was mocked by his fans for how he would react to this storyline after he returned home to the world of living. Celebron is a worthy character, according to Tolkien’s writing. “dead”His spirit will be cleansed in Valinor for a short time. He could then choose to return to Middle-earth in a form that is identical to his former body and with all his memories intact.



Fans were just stunned that screenwriters could create romance between Galadriel, Sauron. Many felt Celeborn’s death was distractingly planned to allow for this unexpected romance, even though they were familiar with the Tolkien-based Elven death parameters.


Fan Theories

Many people began thinking up theories that this could be a dramaticization of Tolkien’s larger arc. Many felt that humanization of Tolkien’s writings on the Second Age was a good way to add suspense for television.



Celeborn’s disappearance was a topic that fans debated. Many felt this was the best time to study the long lives of elves and what it might mean for their psychology.


Heart of the Issue

Defenders of this show pointed out that the show had to examine the relationship between Galadriel (and Sauron) and the reasons why their enmity was so frightening. This romance was praised by many, even though it was not executed well.



The show’s defenders also claimed that Clark’s chemistry with Vickers was strong enough, which would have been sufficient to support their romantic saga. They hoped Celeborn could be cast as the lead actor if Celeborn was added to the show.


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