Rising Sea Levels May Threaten Nation, Residents of Maldives may Soon Make Human-Made Floating Cities Home


For the Maldives, a floating city could be a sign of hope. 

Social media influencers or luxury travel guides might tell you that the Republic of Maldives, an Indian Ocean chain of islands and atolls, is the ideal place to go. Its year-round average temperature of about 86 degrees makes it a paradise for those looking for endless summer. 

However, the small nation is in serious danger. 

The Maldives are being threatened by rising sea levels due to climate change at an alarming pace.  

NASA states that most islands are located at 3 feet above sea level. This makes the Maldives an ideal location. “arguably the lowest-lying country in the world.” 

Sea level is rising by 3-4 millimeters per year. At the current rate, Maldives could become uninhabitable by 2050. Citizens would need to flee their homeland.

The government is now offering a solution that they hope will attract more tourists and house residents: a floating city. 

The Maldives Floating Cities project follows a similar pattern to brain coral and will eventually have canals that run between 5,000 homes, schools, and stores.

The “floating”It is essential to understand the concept. By remaining above the water, the island can rise/fall with the sea level, reducing the threat of climate changes.

Residents will move to the Maldives Floating City in 2024, with the project expected to be completed by 2027. It’s one more creative way people are trying to adapt to human-caused climate change.