Risk-takers try desperately to escape the beasts unleashed by the Running of the Bulls festival


Spanish village residents celebrated the end of lockdown by letting a traditional bull run its streets for first time since the pandemic.

The Running of the Bulls was a popular event that locals witnessed or participated in.

Locals are chased by bulls and adrenaline junkies try to avoid the beasts.

Participants attempted to reach Tafalla’s city centre before they were caught by the bulls.

While many were able to make it through the event without injury, others took a few shots from the bulls and a few fell as they tried to avoid them.

Running of the bulls
The bulls were not evaded by all the locals, but there were many.

This weekend saw two bull runs, both at 9 am on Saturday and Sunday.

According to Diario De Navarra, there were injuries to participants this year and one of bull’s slipped before hitting a fence.

One young man was sent to hospital for a head injury. Another fell on his head while jumping over fences to avoid being struck by a bull.

Running of the bulls
A young man was killed by a bull in the second day of the running. Medics treat him.

Two other individuals sustained minor leg injuries.

According to ReutersThe Mayor of Pamplona Enrique Maya cancelled the event earlier in the year due to covid being still a major concern in the country.

San Fermin, the main bull-running festival was cancelled in January.

Since 2019, the event that is always packed in Pamplona has been discontinued.

Running with bulls
As people try to escape, the bulls accelerate.

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San Fermin, which is a celebration to honor the patron saint of Pamplona, is usually held in July.

Local businesses depend on this event for a large part of their annual revenue as people from all walks of the globe flock to the area.

Animal rights groups, including AnimaNaturalis, welcomed the cancellation of the event. “There will be no bullfights in the city, which fills us with satisfaction. We believe they are not necessary to enjoy the festival.”

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