Rob Kardashian says he did not love Blac Chyna, as he testifies in court


Rob Kardashian claimed BlacChyna physically assaulted his on a variety of occasions. He said that he never loved her after he proposed to her.

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Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna attend birthday celebration in 2016

Rob Kardashian was called to the witness stand by Blac Chyna to contest her case against him and made some shocking revelations.

The 33-year old model is also the mother to Rob’s 5-yearold daughter Dream. She is now suing the Kardashian Jenner clan “millions”After claiming they were in E! cancelling her Rob & Chyna reality series.

Rob, aged 35, walked to the podium Wednesday wearing a navy shirt with black trousers. He reportedly looked nervous.

He shared how he first started to talk to his ex-girlfriend on Instagram after he graduated from college.

After accepting his offer, he said he believed that she was the one for himself. “lowest point”In 2016, they shared their stories of how they used to talk for hours every night.

He said that she beat him on several occasions during their relationship.

He stated that he did not love Chyna when he proposed to her, saying: “It wasn’t real love. I had a baby with this girl.”

His conversation with Chyna about his daughter revealed that it was not a mistake. He also said she wasn’t born out of spite. But he maintained that they had never been in a relationship where there was real love.

Rob later remembered how Chyna also disrespected him on numerous occasions.

He said to the court: “There were 100 different times she was disrespectful towards my family,” adding: “She tried to threaten my little sister Kylie.”

He also answered questions about the 2016 fight between him and Chyna. “just one instance of a domestic dispute”.

He claimed that he believed the dispute to be a joke at first, but things quickly changed when a gun came along.

He continued: “You don’t point a gun at your fiancé’s head, I don’t think it was playful at that point.”

Rob stated that he believed the model was drinking and had taken cocaine during the incident. He then went on to claim that she grabbed a pole of metal and hit him with it.

Kris Jenner’s partner Corey Gamble also raised the claim earlier in the day.

Gamble testified that Chyna attacked Rob and threw an object at his car.

Kardashian-Jenner asked the 41-year old whether Chyna was interested in being a part of their legal team. “beat the s*** out of Rob,”Gamble responded: “Yes.”

This is the ongoing case.

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