Rob Lowe, Drew Barrymore Joke About Their Parents’ Possible Past Hookup


Rob Lowe and Drew Barrymore were two of the hottest stars of the ’80s and ’90s, so it’s no surprise the pair hung out together back in the day. However, Lowe recently revealed that he thinks their parents might have gotten close, too. 

Barrymore And Lowe Theorize Their Parents ‘Ended Up Together’ Back In The Day

In a new episode of Lowe’s podcast, Literally! With Rob Lowe, Barrymore and Lowe looked back on their time spent partying at the 1980s Los Angeles hotspot Helena’s. Barrymore, who was a child at the time, would attend the club with her mother, Jaid, in tow. 

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While discussing their shared memories of Helena’s, Lowe revealed that he has “suspicions” that his father and Barrymore’s mother might have—as Barrymore put it—“ended up together” one night. 

“I wouldn’t doubt it,” the actress laughed. Lowe agreed, saying, “Neither would I. I kind of like the thought of it, I have to say.” Barrymore added, “Literally, my mom was fun, is fun. She was a good-time gal.”

Lowe replied, “My sense is, as mothers go, she was in her wheelhouse at Helena’s.” Barrymore agreed, sharing the mother and daughter’s experiences with the club. “She and I used to go to Helena’s, I feel, like multiple times a week,” the actress explained. “You know how people hit the gym a few times a week? We hit Helena’s a few times a week.”

The Pair Reminisces On Their Days At LA Club Helena’s

Lowe and Barrymore were not the only celebrities who spent a lot of time at Helena’s. Barrymore recalled seeing Sean Penn and Madonna there “all the time,” and both stars remember seeing Jack Nicholson at the club. 

“Jack Nicholson was a fixture [at Helena’s],” Barrymore shared. “He went to Helena’s as many nights a week as me and my mom. And funny enough, I ended up, like, partying with him a lot years later at his house. It was never inappropriate. We would just party and talk and hang out. I love Jack. But I feel like I made friends with him at Helena’s, which then matriculated into, a decade later, us, like, partying at his house.”

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We’ll probably never know if Barrymore and Lowe’s parents got together while their kids partied at the LA hotspot, but clearly their kids are more than happy to believe it’s true! 

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