Rob Lowe has some words to say about raising strong adults from teens



RL: No! It’s in real time—and sometimes it’s super mean! It’s funny but I have to stop laughing at it. He’s a little wiseacre as my grandmother, grandpa, used to say. 


RL:So, we worked out what the math was because we don’t want to be our actual selves. From his perspective, it’s a father he rolls his eyes at, who he feels has a poor grasp of the world. And IPlay a tech guru Elon Musk-esque, who everybody just falls all over for every eccentric, cool, odd thing—and he is the one person who can talk truth to power.

E!: So is Rob Lowe going to be working all summer?

RL: No, I only had four weeks. Bora Bora was beautiful and I am now back on the real and literal treadmill of work. We begin our fourth season. Lone Star September. I came up with a way for me to make comedy. Unstable, which will come out next year, and Lone StarDrama, is what it is. It’s the actor’s dream.