Robbie Keane ignited Edgar Davids’s fire in a training bust-up


Both Edgar Davids and Robbie Keane were fan favorites at Tottenham. However, it turned out that the pair did not always see eye to eye on the training pitch.

Keane was part Tottenham’s last trophy winning side in 2008, while Davids joined Spurs free of charge after making a name for hisself at Milan, Juventus, Barcelona.

According to reports, the pair were notorious for fighting in training soon after the Dutchman returned in 2005. Both were determined to be the main man at Spurs.

Following a bust-up at a training ground, the two eventually came to blows. Keane, who was in boxing training, apparently ignited Davids with a ‘one punch’.

Tottenham's Robbie Keane during training
Tottenham’s Robbie Keane in training

Jamie O’Hara, who was also part Tottenham’s winning team for the last trophy, was there to witness the bust up and reveal everything. talkSport.

“I tell you who had a bit about him – Robbie Keane,”He said. “I remember a story with him and Edgar Davids.

“We were at training and Davids came in from Inter Milan and he thought he was the bee’s knees. He thought he was “the guy” and the “main man”. But everyone soon realized that Robbie Keane, at Tottenham, was the main guy.

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Robbie Keane was the main man at Tottenham when Edgar Davids came in
Robbie Keane was at Tottenham when Edgar Davids arrived.

“I remember him giving it to Keano in training and they were having a barney, and I think he tried to step to Robbie Keane and say something – and Keano just sparked him, bosh!

“He just went, bang – one punch. Gone. Then Davids has just picked himself up and walked off – and that was it.

“He came in the next day like, ‘morning, Robbie…’ Everyone knew – you don’t mess with Keano. He had that thing about him that if he switched he would put you straight out.”

Edgar Davids realised not to mess with Robbie Keane
Edgar Davids realized that Robbie Keane was the right person to trust

Davids only played for Tottenham for two seasons before he returned to his boyhood club Ajax. However, he was back in London within three years after signing a pay as you play deal with Crystal Palace.

Keane was able to join Liverpool after winning the Carabao Cup. However, the move was not successful and Keane was back with Tottenham after one season.

Davids was put in his spot and he hasn’t messed with Keane since.