Robbie Williams said that he ate a lot of chocolate during his sleep after taking the pill.


Pop megastar Robbie Williams ate his way through £23 worth of chocolate in his sleep.

According to the singer, he was addicted to sleeping pills and went on a binge.

The former Take That star revealed to a US podcast that he needed Ambien tablets for a good night’s sleep.

He said: “I would sleep eat. There was one time we were in Ireland, and I was doing a show and bought $32 worth of chocolate.

“And because of Ambien, I ate $32 worth of chocolate, asleep. Completely asleep.”

Robbie had a stroke in 2007 and was forced to stop his Close Encounters Tour.

Robbie Williams explained he took Ambien to help him sleep
Robbie Williams explained how Ambien helped him to sleep.

He said: “All the way through that tour I was living like a monk food-wise during the day.

“But then at night I’d be taking these Ambien and then I would be eating the mini bar. I’d be eating the menu (and I) don’t remember any of it.”

Robbie claimed that the drug also made him walk naked while sleeping, alarming his security personnel.

Robbie said he gorged on chocolate in his sleep
Robbie stated that he loved chocolate during his sleep

He said: “I’d wake up the next morning and I’d say, ‘I didn’t do it, did I?’ And then this look in their eyes would just be like, ‘yeah, you did, you did do it.'”

Recently, Rob also opened up about the time he lost his virginity, admitting it was over in “seconds” – and was in his mum’s bed.

He said: “So I go upstairs and go into my room and it’s a single bed and we can’t fit on it, so I go into my mum’s.

“It was over in seconds.”

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