Robert Pattinson Shares Suki Waterhouse’s Sweet Batman Reaction


Holy smokes, Batman!

Robert Pattinson‘s story of Suki Waterhouse‘s reaction to his new movie is so sweet. During his Feb. 16 appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the actor recalled the day he watched The Batman in its entirety for the very first time alongside his girlfriend. 

“I’d seen the first 90 minutes by myself in an IMAX before, and I knew that the first 90 minutes was great,” he told Jimmy Kimmel. “But I’ve kind of gotten into this habit where I kind of realized I need to be in the perfect balance of serotonin to watch my own stuff. I need to work out for two hours beforehand, I need to have an enormous amount of sugar and caffeine and so whatever I’m watching I’m like, ‘Yes!'” 

But once Pattinson settled in to watch the film with director Matt Reeves and Waterhouse, she helped calm his nerves. “It was really her reaction that kind of changed the entire thing,” Pattinson said. “Because I’m pretty sure she’s not normally into watching kind of superhero movies. And just seeing it was capturing her attention the entire time and then she just held my hand and just touched it right there [to her cheek] and I could feel a little tear and I was like, ‘No way!'”

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