Robert Wagner Allegedly Living ‘Sad Last Days,’ Rumor Claims


Is Robert Wagner dying in pain? One report says the 92-year-old Pink Panther star is still haunted by the death of Natalie Wood. Gossip Cop investigates.

Robert Wagner’s ‘Desperate Last Days?’

Per The Globe, Wagner is living a thousand miles away from LA but he can’t escape Wood’s ghost. An insider says, “Wagner’s health isn’t too bad, at least as far as he’s let on, but people around him suspect what’s troubling him is more mental than physical and that it’s making him miserable.” 

Lana Wood, Natalie’s sister, just released a new memoir detailing her sister’s mysterious death, and its apparently left Wagner shook. “Lana’s book has taken a real toll,” the insider says. “He knows she hates him and blames him for what happened to Natalie.” Wood famously drowned on a yacht she was on with Wagner and Christopher Walken, with many speculating alcohol and possibly Wagner having something to with her death.

A source says, “Wagner is reticent to come back to Hollywood because people will stare and some may point accusing fingers.” Instead, he’s spending his “last days” as a recluse.

A Total Repeat

This story is almost an exact copy of a National Enquirer story from April 2021. The only thing that’s changed is the number in the title, for Wagner turned 92. It too said an ailing Wagner was alone and reminiscing on the death of Wood. A rep for Wagner told Gossip Cop on the record that Wagner “had a physical around his 91st birthday and he’s in exceptional health. In fact, the rep said, “he’s never been healthier.”

It looks like the Globe is just parroting a story that’s already been proven false. Whether or not Wagner dwells on Wood’s death isn’t for this tabloid to know. It was a pretty traumatic event in his life so it’s bound to come up. For the record, Lana Wood has released multiple memoirs, so it’s unlikely that this November book would still be ruffling feathers.

Nonagenarian Myths

Wagner isn’t the only celebrity in his nineties within the crosshairs of this tabloid. Beloved actor Dick Van Dyke was supposedly fearful of the grave last year, yet he’s still with us. In a rather bizarre story, it claimed Robert Duvall was expecting his first child at 90. That simply did not happen.

Slightly younger at 85, Woody Allen was “physically failing” as well. He’s still alive, so these so-called experts cannot be trusted.

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