Robin Roberts shares an amazing update on Amber Laign, her partner in health


Robin Roberts shared some encouraging news about Amber Laign’s battle with cancer. Roberts posted on Instagram that Laign had completed her radiation treatment. Roberts shared that Laign marked the occasion by ringing a bell in celebration. 

Roberts was able film Laign’s latest milestone for her Instagram followers. Laign was able to read the plaque as she rang the bell. “My treatment is done. The course is run. And I am on my way.”As everyone cheered, she jumped up and down to celebrate. Roberts had been sharing many updates about Laign’s battle against cancer. This was her most positive one yet. 

The following is the June edition Good Morning AmericaAnchor admitted that she was unable to attend the program because Laign was having a difficult period. While doing her daily “Morning Message and Prayer”Roberts shared her thoughts with her team “She [Laign] had a challenging week last week, so thank you for allowing me the time to be with her.”Laign might have been having a difficult time in June. Roberts however stated in April that her partner was okay. “doing well.”During her appearance Ellen DeGeneres ShowRoberts spoke out about Laign’s battle against cancer, as well as her own struggle with the disease. 

Roberts explained that she was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007, and then developed myelodysplastic syndrome after going into remission. Laign has had a lot of support from Roberts because she is familiar with the battle against cancer. She said: “I went through it twice, barely shed a tear. I’m a puddle every time I think about what Amber is going through. But she is being so courageous and is handling it extremely well.”The TV personality continued to talk about how she was supporting Laign, stating, “I’m able to kind of give her a roadmap because I’ve gone through it, but she’s also given me a roadmap on how to be a caregiver.”Roberts said, “And I didn’t realize how much I had blocked out during my journey, and it was because of sweet Amber — because she protected me and navigated for me. So, I’m doing the same thing for her.”