Rock Star held at Gunpoint by Perpetrator for Hit-and-Run Crash


Jared James Nichols was held up at gunpoint during a hit-and-run accident in Portland, Oregon, the guitarist revealed on Instagram Friday. Nichols, 33Jesse James, his friend, was sitting at a red light and when a truck pulled up. “plowed into” James’ car. James’ car. When the police arrived, the man ran.

Nichols said the driver rear-ended James’ car when they sat at a complete stop. The truck diver was “doing at least 40mph,”Nichols wrote. Other than that, “serious whiplash and being in complete shock,”James and Nichols were not hurt in the accident. The truck driver then jumped into another truck and fled the scene.

Two of their friends called the police to tell them what had happened. While they waited for Portland police officers to arrive, the getaway truck returned to the scene to retrieve some items they had left in the wrecked car. The getaway driver “locked eyes”With Nichol “pulled a handgun out of his waistband,”Nichols wrote.

“He proceeded to put in a clip and load a round in the chamber,” Nichols continued. “I immediately put up my hands and said, ‘Please don’t shoot me.’ I then started to run [in] the opposite direction as he drew his gun at me. I was waiting for the sound and the feeling of a bullet.”

At that moment, a police vehicle rounded the corner, its lights on. Nichols shouted at officers that the man following him had a gun. “The sight of the police thankfully scared him off and he didn’t pull the trigger,”Nichols wrote. “Without the Portland PD coming at that exact moment, I felt certain that I would’ve been shot for literally nothing.”

Nichols continued to thank Portland police. “whoever was watching over us.”He also included a picture of James’s damaged car. “Thank you [Portland police],”Nichols captioned this post. “[James] & I are a little beat up, but grateful to be waking up this morning.”

Nichols, a Nashville-based guitarist is well-known for his rock guitar playing. “pick-less”Playing technique. He has released his latest EP. Shadow Dancer, and the single “Skin ‘n Bone”This was last year. In August, the Wisconsin native shared his thoughts in an interview. Guitar World He recorded the new EP live in the studio without any overdubs to capture the raw sound of live performances. “We tracked everything live and straight to tape, including the solos – no click, no overdubs, except for my vocals,”He stated. “We turned everything up and left caution to the wind. It was like, ‘Okay guys, tape’s rolling, play one.’ Then we’d take a deep breath and just go for it.”

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