Rod Stewart Allegedly ‘Riddled With Cancer,’ Doctors Fearful For Singer’s Life, Anonymous Source Says


Has Rod Stewart fallen out of remission? One tabloid claims the rocker’s cancer battle has started up again. Here’s what we know about the “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?” singer’s health.

Rod Stewart ‘Ravaged By Cancer’?

This week’s edition of the Globe reports Rod Stewart is worse for wear. After the tabloid spotted a red splotch near the rocker’s ear, it consulted a doctor who hasn’t treated Stewart to see what’s ailing the musician. “That’s definitely a skin cancer. It needs immediate treatment. Waiting too long could mean the cancer will spread to surrounding tissues, which would require invasive surgery, scarring his face forever,” the expert notes.

But another unaffiliated physician thinks Stewart’s already receiving treatment. “His cheek exhibits signs of scarring from radiation,” the doctor explains. And given Stewart’s past battles with prostate and thyroid cancer, he’s at an even greater risk for acute disease. “His cancer had spread,” the second doctor notes. “And once that happens, the chance of it coming back is much higher.”

Doctors Fear For Rod Stewart?

We aren’t buying into this story for a couple of reasons. First of all, you can’t provide a genuine medical diagnosis based on a single photograph — and any doctor that would attempt to do so shouldn’t be trusted. It’s odd that the tabloid pretends to know more about Rod Stewart’s health than Stewart himself, and that fact alone makes us weary. The musician wasn’t afraid to talk about his previous struggles with the disease, so we don’t see why he’d stay silent this time around.

And we can’t help but notice Stewart isn’t acting like someone who’s battling cancer. While anything’s possible, we doubt Stewart would be planning a 38-date summer tour if he was receiving intensive radiation therapy. Furthermore, he certainly looked like he was in good spirits during a recent getaway to Milano with his family.

The Tabloid On Celebrities’ Health

And, notably, the Globe constantly misses the mark when it comes to celebrities’ health. Last year, the outlet reported Tanya Tucker was “on her last legs” after emergency surgery. Then the tabloid claimed Brian Wilson was a “prisoner in his own body.” The publication also claimed Jack Nicholson was “staring at a death sentence” because of his weight. Clearly, the Globe has no medical expertise and should stay out of matters relating to health.

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