Rodeo Bull Credits Woman With Saving Her Lives


Californian woman who was rammed by bull in rodeo accident says that the bull saved her life.

Paige King (25 years old) was in the stands at a rodeo held in Redding, Northern California when a bull ran amok and jumped over a barrier wall. Six people were injured. Paige King was hit in the back and was taken to a nearby emergency room.

King had to have a CAT scanner done in order for her to be checked for any internal injuries. Her neck was discovered by doctors as a mass. A biopsy confirmed that it was thyroid cancer.

King and her family were devastated by the news. 

“I was stunned, honestly, as one of your kids discovered that they might have cancer. It gives you chills to know that this is way bigger than the rodeo was this year,” her dad, Erick Mattson, recently told KRCR-TV.

A friend, who is a rodeo announcer, referred the family in Texas to a treatment center.

“I’m very grateful for him and appreciate what he’s done for us,”King said this to the station.

This was the beginning of her recovery.

“Through some rodeo family, we were referred to one of the best cancer treatment hospitals in the nation,”Her dad wrote on a GoFundMe pageEstablished to assist the family with their medical expenses.

She and her family are currently travelling back and forth between California, Texas, and Mexico.

“The next several months will be challenging but she is strong, she is surrounded by an amazing loving group of friends/family and together we will get through this,” King’s mother, Jennifer Mattson, wrote on her Facebook page.

King, through happenstance, was able to meet the bull, named Border Crisis, after she was injured. She and a co-worker were driving to work when they saw the massive mammal in a fenced pen.

They stopped and photographed King with the bull.

“I was able laugh and smile about it. Although I was initially scared, it was actually quite fun.” King told the station. “It was a moment of full circle that I will cherish forever.”

Her mother had nothing but praise for Border Crisis.

“Although that night was scary, it saved her life. We know that he’s living happily on the ranch and has no idea that he is our hero, but we know,” she wrote on Facebook.

“Bridwell Pro Rodeos gives him special treats from our families as a thank-you!” She said.

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