Roman Reigns beats Brock Lesnar in Wrestlemania’s Undisputed Champion Match


Roman Reigns was victorious in the largest match of WWE history. The main event of WrestleMania 38Reigns, The Universal Champion defeated WWE Champion Brock LesnarIn a winner takes them all match. Reigns is now Undisputed WWE Universal Champion because both titles were unified. 

Reigns has been the Universal Champion for 576 of his 576 days. This is a record time for the title. At the age of 30, Reigns was awarded the belt. PaybackReigns has never looked back. Reigns has won two of the WWE Championships and the Universal Championships in his career. Reigns is the 17th Grand Slam Champion for WWE in history, and he was also an Intercontinental, United States, and Tag Team Champion. 

“I think the most obvious thing is how the roles have reversed and how the whole dynamic has shifted one-eighty,” Reigns:Steel ChairOctober was about Lesnar’s rivalry. “The direction of where each personality has been, and where it is going, all the way through to the alliance of Paul Heyman – everything has changed with me and Brock. In the past, Brock was probably the most prestigious Universal Champion we have had, definitely in terms of Title reign – but that pales into comparison against what I have been able to achieve in the last year and a half. Being a full-time performer and being able to showcase weekly on Smackdown, and then every month, and sometimes more, being able to defend that Title on every major pay-per-view from the Big-Four down, has made a big difference to where we are both at.”

Lesnar made a return to WWE in August SummerSlamAfter being absent from the company for more than a year. Lensar has been crowned the WWE Champion twice since then and has won it seven times. Prior to Sunday “The Beast Incarnate”Has won the Universal Championship three times, King of the Ring twice, and the Royal Rumble match two times. He also beat The Undertaker in the Universal Championship. WrestleMania

“Had my first wrestling match in a garage in front of no people, and 20 years later I’m WWE universal champion of the world, wrestling in front of no people,”Lesnar said the New York PostConsider retiring from the sport after the match WrestleMania 362020 “So I came full circle. I had 20 years as an athlete, as an entertainer, and I was OK with it. The pandemic hits, and my contract was up, and so in my mind, I was retired and just settling into it. I grew my beard out, grew my hair out. This wasn’t some master plan. I just kind of went off the map and was OK with it.”  

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