Romelu Kuku, Chelsea’s Romelu Lukaku, is being considered to replace Harry Kane in Tottenham’s exit.


Chelsea star Romelu Lukaku is having a terrible season since his return to Stamford Bridge. There are rumors that he may be leaving and Darren Bent thinks Tottenham could be the solution.

Romelu Lukaku, Chelsea’s superstar, has been linked to Tottenham in order to reunite with Antonio Conte.

Darren Bent was a former Spurs striker and believes that the Blues’ goalie is better than Kane to be the club captain. Over the last few weeks, there has been talk that Kane still wants to leave this summer.

Manchester United are interested in a striker, and are willing to rekindle their interest in the England international. According to reports, the forward is interested in hearing from the Red Devils about their proposal as they seek to hire a manager before the end of the season.

Despite Tottenham’s recent revival of form, which saw them hammered by Everton, Newcastle, Leeds United, and Aston Villa, this is not surprising. Arsenal is now the favorite to win a place in the top four, but Spurs are the favourites.

Thomas Tuchel, a Chelsea player, is having trouble getting the best from Lukaku, who has only scored five Premier League goals this year. After splashing out nearly £100million for his services, that is nowhere good enough for a striker many believes would fire the Blues to a potential title.

Conte coached the 28-year-old, who scored 64 goals in his two seasons at Inter Milan. This was the club’s first win in a decade. Bent believes that Kane might be able to make the move this summer by joining Tottenham’s reunion.

The ex-England foreign told talkSPORT : “As long as Antonio Conte is there, I don’t think Harry Kane will be going anywhere. Looks like he is getting the best out of him and there is a real mutual respect there, you have to say.

“However, Harry Kane was forced to leave for the worse. [Romelu]Lukaku… We’ve seen his work under Conte and we know that he was the best.

That was even including his nutrition. It was the most beautiful I’ve ever seen him last season. If Kane isn’t available and Conte has Lukaku, I would be willing to go on the streets all day for him.

“For someone with Premier League experience, there would be no one better to bring in to replace Harry Kane. I know they are completely different types of player, Harry Kane likes to drop in and technically a better footballer. But Lukaku would be an adequate replacement, certainly with everything he has done with Antonio Conte already so… I would.”